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Using your own domain

Using your own domain

Plunk allows you to send emails from your own domain. This is useful to increase the credibility of your emails and to build up domain authority.


  • Register a domain name
  • Have access to the DNS settings of your domain

Adding your domain

Adding your domain is done in the Verified Identity (opens in a new tab) section of your Plunk account. Add your domain by entering the complete email address you want to use and add it. Plunk will automatically start the verification flow for your domain. Add the three CNAME records to your DNS settings and wait for the verification to complete.


Depending on your DNS provider it can take up to 24 hours for the verification to complete.

Once we have verified the DNS records, Plunk will automatically start sending emails from your domain.

Updating your domain after verification

It is not possible to update your domain after it has been verified. If you want to change the domain you are sending from, please contact us at and we will help you changing your domain.