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Frequently Asked Questions

You talk about events, but what are they?

Events are the actions that users trigger in your application. You have probably wondered how you can send emails when a user does multiple things in your application.

Let's say we want to send an email when a user cancels their subscription but does create a new project or when a user skips the onboarding and then leaves the platform. There are loads of opportunities to add email marketing to your application, all you have to do is see them and send them to Plunk.

You send events through the API and use them in the Plunk dashboard to create email flows that automatically trigger on these events. Event names follow no special rules and can be anything you want, and you can trigger them on various actions in your application.

Some examples of events we commonly see in Plunk are:

  • button-clicked
  • form-submitted
  • account-created
  • subscription-cancelled

I can not delete an event

Events that show up with the cannot be deleted message are events that are linked to a template. These events are reserved for the system and used for delivery and open tracking.

You can use these events in your actions to create more complex campaigns, but you can't delete them.

They are linked to a unique template and will automatically be deleted if the template is deleted.

I can not delete a template

When you are trying to delete a template and Plunk is showing the Could not delete your template! message, you may be trying to delete a template that is in use.

Plunk protects your in-use templates from being deleted. To delete a template, first make sure that it is no longer linked to any actions. You can do this by deleting the action or linking another template to the action.

Last updated on August 9, 2022