Contacts in Plunk are either subscribed or unsubscribed.

Depending on the status of a contact, they will receive or not receive emails from Plunk.

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Updating the subscription status of a contact

Giving contacts the ability to update their subscription status for marketing emails is a requirement in many countries, and is considered a best practice in others.

There are two ways to update the subscription status of a contact.

Using Plunk-hosted pages

Each contact in Plunk has a set of three pages that can be used to update their subscription status.

The URLs below are ready to use. Plunk will automatically fill in the ID for both actions and transactional emails.

  •{{plunk_id}}, allows a contact to subscribe or unsubscribe depending on their current status.
  •{{plunk_id}}, allows a contact to unsubscribe.
  •{{plunk_id}}, allows a contact to subscribe.

Using the Plunk API

With the ID of the contact, you can either subscribe or unsubscribe them.