JSX email enables you to build emails with a delightful developer experience. You can use the Plunk Node.js SDK with JSX email.

Transactional emails

When using JSX Email, you can use the Plunk Node.js SDK. Install it with your favorite package manager:

Install dependencies

npm i @plunk/node jsx-email

Create a component

Use JSX email components to create a new email template. You can find plenty of examples on the samples section.

import * as React from "react";
import { Section, Text, Button } from "jsx-email";

export const Email = ({ url }) => {
  return (
      <Button href={url}>Click me!</Button>

Convert and send it!

Now that you have a component, use the render function to convert it to HTML, and send it with Plunk.

import Plunk from "@plunk/node";
import { render } from "jsx-email";
import { Email } from "./email";

const plunk = new Plunk(process.env.PLUNK_API_KEY);

const body = render(<Email url={"https://useplunk.com"} />);

  to: "hello@useplunk.com",
  subject: "Hello world!",


Plunk actions support JSX Email as well. You cannot use JSX Email directly, and will have to compile your JSX Email component to HTML first.

Once you have your HTML, you can paste it into the Plunk template editor and use it as a template for your actions.